WPEngine Setup Tutorial

One of the great things about WPEngine as a webhost is how simple it is to set up a site with this powerful engine. Under this basic tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup a new site with WPEngine from start to finish using a basic step by step process.

Step 1: Configuring DNS Records and Your Domain Name Registration

In order to set up your WPEngine site, you’ll first need to change your DNS records (or where you set up your domain name) to match WPEngine’s webhost. This is the first step in configuring your site.

The first step is to register a domain name. You will need to use a domain host, such as Namecheap, Dreamhost, 1&1, or Godaddy. Once you have figured out where your domain name should be registered, go ahead and choose the name you want. Then, you’ll need to go to your user portal for WPEngine, which is usually my.wpengine.com. This gives you your IP address and helps you configure and setup domain name changes.

Step 2: Installing the Domain for Your WPEngine Account

Next, click “Installs” to see a list of domains for your particular account. The domain through WPEngine’s temp domain settings or your custom domain name will be on the left. in the middle will be the CName, and your IP address in s on the far right.

Next, you will need to know your IP address location. For WordPress sites, this is shown in the WPEngine general settings page, which is located in the upper left hand corner. Now, when you have your domain name, be sure to test and migrate your DNS records for the particular nameserver you’ve registered with.

Then go ahead and add your domain and home site URL. It will generally take between one hour to 48 hours for the domain to actually show up within WPEngine’s registry. It’s critical to allow plenty of time for domain registration. You can ping each domain to determine how far it has progressed.

Step 3: Add the Domain to Your WP Control Panel

Once the domain has fully registered, go to your User Portal again and visit the domains section. Now set each redirect, ensuring your www version of domains go to non www versions. Then login to your WordPress control panel and add the domain to General, Settings, and Home URL page.

Step 4: Configure Site Address, Title, and Admin Email

Next, go to your WordPress Dashboard and visit “All Sites.” Your website will show up as the domain you’ve registered. Ten click on Add New at the top, and you will see a new screen. Here you can enter the site address, title, and admin email. Just choose one word for the site address, but don’t make it your domain name because then it will duplicate the domain name.

Simply choose a name like developer or sitename. The site title will be the title of the site. You can change this to anything you want. The admin email can be your email or your client’s email. The person who signs up here will be able to access the dashboard for your new site.

Step 5: Verify that Your Site Appears in the WP Dashboard

Now when you go back to the sites section of your WP Dashboard, you should see the site there. Any installs you have placed on your WPEngine control panel should show up within this section for the particular site you’ve registered.

This is the simplest method for configuring a new site with WPEngine. Since the host is fully compatible with all WordPress sites, the process of setting up a new domain is very simple. Using this basic process, you’ll ensure a smooth configuration of your brand new domain.