WPEngine Review

WPEngine is one of the top-rated managed WordPress hosting options available for monthly signup options. Featuring unlimited data transfer, 10 GB base capacity storage, and unique discount codes to get low rates on high-quality web hosting, this is one of the best choices for users of the WordPress content management system.

Additional Features Added Since Launch

Numerous features have been added to the original launch of WP Engine, including hassle-free site migration, site load time being cut in half, and a serious reduction in rates. Here’s a quick review of WPEngine and the enormous benefits offered to users of the service.

The company offers 3 different hosting plans, including personal, professional, and business. The personal plan starts at $29 per month and includes a visitor limit of 25k per month, while the Professional plan provides 10 installs and 100,000 visits per month.

100% Uptime and Solid Customer Support

WPEngine provides a 100% uptime guarantee, and they’ve stuck to it quite reliably. Based on hosting uptime scores from Nov. 2015, the company’s uptime has proven 100% over the course of the entire month. WP Engine is fairly serious about their visit limit per month, however, so be certain to choose the plan that is most appropriate for the amount of traffic you receive.

The company’s customer support is also very strong. They are based entirely in the US so you’ll always be connected to a knowledgeable, communicative speaker, either through live chat ticketing or phone support. The company’s workers are extremely passionate about what they do.

Daily Backups, Malware Scans, and Site Overhauls

Other pros of the service include the premium managed WordPress hosting, so if you have a WordPress-based site, this is an excellent choice. The provide a daily backup and malware scan, and will completely overhaul and fix your site if it’s hacked. They also provide staging sites — essentially sandbox areas for your blog to test various features, redesigns, and perform bug tests. Additionally, WPEngine provides a technology known as Evercache, which provides huge scalability and speed options thanks to its unique development. The company provides 1-click Restore options in case you change certain features of your site you’d like to roll back.

Built-in Additions for Added Value

WPEngine is also very affordable considering that it provides numerous built-in features, such as Vaultpress, Sucuri for Malware scans, MaxCDN, and other professional tech boosts. Thanks to these additional built in features, you’re getting a huge value that’s built straight into your hosting service.

WP Engine is a real gem for users who need a little bit of everything in their web hosting. You can easily scale without losing quality of your support or developer tools. But you also aren’t spending a huge amount per month for hosting, and there is a full refund trial period of 60 days with WP Engine.

The Best Hosting Option Available for WordPress Users

If you have a single WordPress site with mid-high level traffic, or if there’s a chance your site might go viral, this is an excellent choice of host. Additionally, it’s an excellent choice if you are concerned about hackers or malware, or if your site is your main source of income. It’s also good for site backups and file caching. With a number of coupon codes out there such as WPE20, which gives you a 20% discount on the first 3 months of service, you can easily get started with WPEngine. Rated 5/5 stars.